Acts of God

I’ll never understand how a group of people so willing to close the borders to their country based on their fear of being “invaded” and harmed by "foreigners" would do nothing to prevent a virus from entering as they watched it take over and destroy other countries. They went to the inhumane lengths of separating families, stealing children and caging them as a “deterrent” to those who seek entrance and asylum, but did literally nothing to guard against a virus, an “invisible enemy” as they call it, or even prepare for it as they watched it approach. As a result, 60,000 Americans are dead and we are still doing barely half of what we should be doing.

It’s as if the parents of a family knew, based on neighborhood watch warnings, that a gang of escaped murderers was approaching but didn’t lock their doors because it would infringe on their “personal liberties.” They stood guard with their guns but didn’t fire a shot as the murderers entered their homes. Whatever they did was all for show. And while they were posing as “guardians,” they watched as their family was decimated, still claiming that they were doing “better than anyone” at safeguarding their home.

While you watch the “leaders” openly flout the rules they put in place to protect from the threat as a message to their political base that “there are more important things than living,” remember this: The book they base their beliefs on was written before science. As has been the case throughout history since the advent of scientific thought and research, only science can save us from this virus. Not wishing upon a star, not faith in stories of miracles or cures based on a “hunch,” but fact and evidence based scientific research. That’s the only thing that has ever saved us from “acts of God.” And it’s the only thing that will save us now.

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