"Both Parties are the Same?"

If "both parties are the same," explain how so many see scandals of the last four years as acceptable and others see the Constitutional crisis. If "both parties are the same," explain how so many see the creeping fascism as a "strength" and the rest #Resist with all their might.

If "they're both the same," explain how white supremacy, environmental destruction, elimination of health care coverage is one party's brand and celebrating diversity, equality under law, caring for one another, fighting climate change, and preserving democracy is the other's.

The biggest tell of all that both parties are not the same is that Democrats put up a decent public servant who does not hate and the GOP put up a cruel self-serving child who tells us every day who he hates and how much he hates them. The U.S. is better than him. He debases us.

The GOP has become Trump. A party of loonies, dangerous clowns, dogs barking at passing cars, marginalized hate-filled racist enablers. It's who they are now. They've become him. He assimilated them, made them into his likeness. And it's not a testament to his strength so much as it is to their weakness. The ones who resist being Trumpublicans are supporting Biden or sitting it out. They're something else. No longer the GOP. A splinter party. And while I disagree with them politically, they're decent people with sanity and reason.

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