Here's the Deal

Yeah so here's the deal. Just be kind. Stop hitting women. Stop harassing women. Stop abusing women. Stop abusing everyone. Stop defending people who do. It's wrong. It's just wrong. You're wrong to do those things. Just be kind. Don't be that dick. And if you insist on being a dick, you're going down. You've been warned.

When my son was 5 we put him in a tennis class. He wanted to do that, we said yes, he went. A bigger kid bullied him, mercilessly. One day I picked him up and said, "Seamus, who is the kid who is bullying you?" He showed me. "Go get your stuff," I said. So I went over to the kid.

I said, "Hey, pal. Sit down for a sec, I wanna have a chat with ya." 
"I'm Seamus' dad, you know Seamus?"
"He said you've been picking on him."
"He did?"
"Yes. Is that true? You've been stealing his shoes and stuff, playing keep away with his shoes?"
"Uh.... Yeah"
"How come?" I ask him.
"How come?"
"Yeah, why are you doing that?"
"Uh... Cause he's cute."
"He's cute so you pick on him?"
"Yeah, he's little."
"Oh. So... what's your name?"
He told me, I don't remember. I didn't care.
"You know what happens to bullies (insert any name)?"
"They get their asses kicked. Not today, I'm not going to hurt you. And maybe not tomorrow. But eventually they get their asses kicked. They never get away with it. It always catches up to them. Don't be that guy. Be nice to people. I don't want you to get your ass kicked. Okay?"
"Okay, and listen. Here's my card. It's got my name and number on it. Give it to your parents. Tell them what I said and why I said it. And if they have any questions, they can call me. Okay?"
"Okay, see ya later."
And my son and I left. 
I never got a call.
And that kid never picked on my boy again.
I hope he never gets his ass kicked.

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