Misogyny In American Politics: Resisting Cantankerous Desire and Corpses

What we're going to see - and are seeing already, two days into her campaign - is a part of America, who claim to be "patriots" and for "freedom", who are women haters. Yes, some of them are women, too. But they're mostly men and mostly white, the same ones who say they weren't racists after their clearly racial attacks on Obama.

They'll claim they compare Hillary Clinton to barn animals "because of her politics" and that "they wouldn't mind seeing a woman president", but anyone who understands that the country was founded on - even though they didn't practice it at the time, they certainly realized the potential if not the practical means to do so - mutual respect for individuals and that we are, indeed, "created equal", understands that political discourse that includes discussion of a woman's appearance is not just disagreeing with her politics. It's an exhibition of hatred, dislike, mistrust and mistreatment of women. So, under no circumstances do these shriveled ball sacks full of nothing but puss and gristle or these dusty and bald weasel vaginas get to select the next President of the United States or dictate policy. These little boys and girls who were not raised to give women the respect they deserve get to sit at the kids table while the adults choose the leaders and run the country.

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