One Day at a Time

'One day at a time' has never felt truer or more necessary. It's always been the case, and we each try in our own ways to live that way, but it feels more urgent now. For obvious reasons. I say this from the perspective of what I do for a living, and speak specifically to those who do what i do, though it applies to all regardless of profession or aspiration.
If I still had 'something to prove,' as the expression goes, it would be very difficult to be unable to do what I love doing right now. We cannot act, what we do doesn't really exist without an audience. I've been reading a classic play with some friends, cast of five on Zoom, with no one watching us. It's one we've always wanted to do, and we've always wanted to work together, and as satisfying as it is on a personal, practice or process level, there is no guarantee it will ever being seen by anyone but us. That's the goal, but nothing is certain in this situation we find ourselves in. But we don't let that stop us. We plow on, while we wait, to see where what we're doing takes us.
What I'm getting at is this, and this is to actors and really anyone in the theatre or in film and television: Try to find a way to keep practicing what you love doing. Don't be discouraged, especially if you're young and think you have to keep driving forward to be seen and heard. You are being seen and you are being heard. Even if it's by the people you're in the scene with or the people you've asked to read your script or talk to about your dreams and goals.
That's all we have to prove, I think. That we can survive those times when it seems like nothing is happening. Because while it often feels like that, even when there is no pandemic, it's never the case. Something is always happening. We just won't know what sometimes until many days, lived a day at a time, pass. Like the old drunk told me one night when everyone had left the meeting and we were putting up the chairs.
"More will be revealed. So keep coming back."

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