Rich People

Rich people have found ways to not pay taxes. You know what I mean by "rich" in this context. "Rich" is relative, sure. But I'm talking about "filthy rich." Hundreds-of-millionaires. Billionaires. It's no surprise then that when they run for office they don't want us to see their tax returns. Some of them even think we're stupid for paying taxes, the current poser in the POTUS seat said so himself when he ran in '16. His are still tied up in court, that's how crooked he is. They also talk a lot about how bad it is that poor people "want things for free." What do they think not paying taxes is? They use nearly everything taxes pay for, yet they don't pay a cent. (Even today they're trying to get tax dollars to pay for their private religious schools and defund public schools) And voters appear to be okay with that. Because if they could, they'd also use the roads, the fire department, the military, the clean water - even the Social Security they collect - and not pay for it. But help a kid out who needs a lunch at school or an education, or a disabled person, or someone who needs health care, oh hell no. For the most part, I'm sad to say, we're a craven and ungenerous nation of poorly-educated grifters who want things for free for themselves but will do everything they can to demonize someone else for needing help.

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