Void Where Prohibited

What I find most astounding, unbelievable - and disturbing, really - in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality is that fundamentalist politicians, because they have the pulpit and megaphone and drive policy momentum, use their religion to openly, brazenly, defy the law. Claiming they are acting in accordance with the teachings of a man who railed against bullies and hypocrites, befriended and supported prostitutes, lepers and the poor, and preached against judging others and for loving our neighbors as ourselves, they insist that followers of their faith continue to discriminate in flagrant violation of the law of the land by saying, “Just say no” to the issuance of marriage certificates for same-sex couples. 

It’s as if in the Constitution or other common or civil laws they actually see disclaimers that state, “Void where prohibited by your religious beliefs.” It’s no different than if they suddenly said to their flock, “Um, so here it is: It’s ok to kill. In fact, it’s ok to just ignore any of those Commandments if you really feel it violates your faith, you know, it’s up to you. Except the “shalt not take the Lord thy God’s name in vain” one, that’s a no-brainer, God, I hate when that happens. But anyway, where was I? Oh, yes! So just go ahead and kill. Let your conscience be your guide. Ignore the law of the land, ignore the teachings of Our Lord and Savior if you must - and just for a quick second! - if what you know in your heart is right, and just, um, go kill. Amen.”

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