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Whenever I hear the word temperI think of two things: Road rage and moderation. It’s the same with the word sobriety. I think of a drunk working hard not to drink and moderation. And by moderation in both cases I mean self-control.

Or do I mean observation, as in to moderate or be reasonable? Of course I do. Interesting that the word and idea of temperance comes up with both words as well.

These ideas, or goals, as I call them, are like salt: you shouldn’t – some would say can’t – cook without them. Wars have been fought over salt; Roman soldiers were paid in salt. Hence the word, salarywhich comes from the Latin salariummeaning salt money.

Wars have also been fought and lost due to someone’s temper and averted due to another’s sobriety.

Video on Demand ~ Showing Up Digital Release: February 25th

When we were making Showing Up, we wanted to write a love letter to the working actor but we also wanted to address a larger audience than just actors or those in show business. Using the context of the audition as a means to examine the pursuit of doing what we love, we knew we could address the concerns of just about everyone no matter what they do for a living. And that has proven to be the case. Audiences - regardless of their profession or jobs while they pursue their profession or decide what it is - have consistently told us the film speaks to them on a level that goes much deeper than just "how to get work". It addresses the mentality of the job interview, sure, but most importantly it reassures us that we are not alone in how we feel about rejection, preparation, self-esteem and following our dream.


I have an aversion to criticism. I suppose we all do in our own way, and I’ve always been aware of it, but lately I’m recognizing the damage that can do. It has, from time to time, stopped me from being who I really am, or at least stopped me from fulfilling my potential as a worker among workers. That’s bad no matter what you do but it’s especially bad for those who make things and put them out there as gifts to whoever in the world might come across them and feel they need them and can use them or simply enjoy them: It’s bad for artists.


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