Son To The Boy by James Paige Morrison

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I was looking out the window
Through the smoke and dust
At an orphan in the shadows
Among the ruin and rust

I was gazing 'cross the meadow
At a eagle on the ground
I could hear the lonely echo
Of her death as she went down

I first heard the lies you'd spoken
Outside the house I'd built
The window glass was broken
I was witness to your guilt

I was categorized a sham
To justify your greed
No matter what I am
I'm only what you need

I sit searching out the window
For something left to save
Sometimes the devil we know
Only leads us to the grave

I was baffled by your laughter
By nature mocked from birth
No regard for what comes after
No respect for what it's worth

I was looking at my reflection
In the dying orphan's face
I saw natural selection
Disappear without a trace

Looks like long hot summer
Is gonna last all winter long
Take a last look out your window

I fell in love with a lifeguard
She wouldn't get in the pool
She took love far too hard
Afraid to fall or play the fool

She never was in love with me
She'd rather run than swim
Stay on land and you'll never be free
She met a sailor fell in love with him

No one's love is without fault
When pride and passion convene
Demons howl haunted by
The Angels in their dreams

Don't want to sink into her world
But I've already gone too deep
I still love that lifeguard girl
When she shows up wet in my sleep

Lost in the pause between word and deed
I saw is all there was to see
Don't matter what I have or what I think I need
I have no use for what I used to be

Shapes appear when shadows fade
Secrets swim in silhouette
Spirits weaken in the shade
Obsession drowns in regret

I hope someone's there to give me a hand
When I stumble into the waves
Some lifeguards have to stay on land
For a drowning man to be saved

Two wells make a river
The river will flow away
Two wells make a river
Flow on to judgment day

When masters serve the slave
And a traitor's cause is lost
The coward will turn brave
And the river will be crossed

When honest men turn to thieving
And prayers they're loath to try
Death will leave 'em grieving
The river will run dry

Two wells make a river
The river will flow away
Two wells make a river
Flow on to judgment day

When the lamb runs with the lions
Or the sparrow with the carrion crow
When the seeker gives up trying
The river will overflow

When tears stream down the mountain
Giving life to the heavenly tree
Two wells will flow from the fountain
The river will be set free

Two wells make a river
The river will flow away
Two wells make a river
Flow on to judgment day

When soldiers drop their weapons
Gathering together for peace
The water in the wells will deepen
The river will never cease

When two wells drown the fear
Of walking hand in hand
Heaven will be here on earth
One river will heal the land

Two wells make a river
The river will flow away
Two wells make a river
Flow on to judgment day

At my best
I'm a child
Open sweet and hopeful
At my worst
I am on trial
Indiscreet and willful

At my best
I'm a woman
Open hearted, giving
At my worst
Love is a villain
Life is not worth living

At my best
I'm a man
A compassionate provider
At my worst
I'm a man
Narcissistic and a liar

At my best
I am the wind
Giving what I take
At my best
I am the sun
Lighting the way to what I make

At my least
No one's above me
I'm a beast
With no one to love me
Poor me, pain is my wealth
All I think of is myself

At my worst
I am a slave
To the need to compensate
For shortcomings I don't even have
For weaknesses I cannot state

At my worst
I am an army
Causing men to hate and fear
I build walls all around me
Making sure no one comes near

At my best I'm still child
Beating pots and pans on the floor
Holding an empty bowl, I smile
Who can I ask for more?

As a child I am best
Arms open to play with you
Hold me close to your breast
I will stay with you

I've been through hell
And come out the other side
I've got nothing left to sell
And nothing left to hide
When the truth can tell
It'll say I've lived a lie

I'm alive in the tomb
Looking for a room
In the Way Back Inn
Looking for a way back in

In the same lifetime
I've been two different men
Both lives have been mine
One is now, one was then
The two lives combined
Add up to my amends

I can't name my drug of choice
No name would be as sweet
As the echo of the devil's voice
At the dark end of the street
The dead silence in the noise
Captures me completely

I wasn't present in your future
You won't find me in your past
My promise of love was clever
It wasn't made to last
It's always wrong to say forever
And never always comes too fast
Looking for a way back in

The toughest walk one man can take
Is when he sets out to find
The lessons of his mistakes
And the life he must leave behind
The journey must be taken
One step at a time

I'm alive in the tomb
Looking to make a move
Into the Way Back Inn
Looking for a way back
Way back in
Looking for a way back
Way back in
Looking for a way back in

Jesus was just jokin'
It's clear he was a clown
His gags were thought provokin'
But kinda tough to nail down

The anecdotes he would spout
About love and charity
Are mostly lost on the devout
And the moral majority

It's possible he was thinkin'
As he hung there on the cross
That two thousand years later
The joke would be on us

Jesus was quite the kidder
Apparently it was all in jest
When he suggested to his followers
That they behave their best

That far out advice he gave
About livin' and lettin' be
Was too farfetched for the saved
And the holier than thee

It's possible he was dreamin'
As he hung there in his sorrow and his pain
Of a kingdom of love without condition
Built upon his name

So when you're in the mood for a joke
When life has got you down
Dig the comedy of Jesus spoken
By an evangelical clown

The ones who want to ostracize
Condemn to eternal damnation
Judge and shun and demonize
Overthrow our sovereign nation

It's possible he was hopin'
As he gasped his last breath
We'd live side by side in peace
To honor his death

Governing this country of men and laws
By belief in the good book's fables
Is surely something Jesus never foresaw
As he broke bread at that Last Supper table

None of us will ever know
The mess his apostles made
Of the truths he spoke or the punch lines of his jokes
All we know for sure is the price he paid

It's possible he was weighin'
As his cross he did bear
Which holds the most sway
The joke or the prayer

So why did Jesus cross the road
Why'd he take that final ride?
Because he thought we all should know
It's all love on the other side.

Oh, that Jesus was just joker
Clearly quite the clown
His gags were thought provokin'
But kinda tough to nail down

I’ll say it simply as I can
I’ve never loved no one like you
You show me what it means 
To be a man
No one loves me like you do

Don’t have to reach for what to say
Don’t have to preach, don’t have to pray
When I’m lost 
When I feel betrayed
Your love lights my way

It’s sung in song and written plenty
By those no longer feeling empty
Of a love that shows us
Who we’re meant to be
A love that sets us free

When you look at me I know
No one else sees me quite so true
I know I’ll never be alone
Because you love me like you do
No one loves me like you do

You make me simile
I mean smile
Like a drunk with a lampshade hat
Metaphor you and I
I mean before you and I met
I often felt like an idiom
I mean idiot

You make me examine
The way I use words
There’s no way of knowin’
How or why this occurred
The words I am learnin’
Ain’t ones I ever heard
I’ll write down what I see 
As I ride down the road to where your love 
leads me

I’ll regret it
I’d be remiss
If I stop wrestling
With the right way
To write this
You make me simile
Ah, hell, I mean smile
Like a drunk with a lampshade hat

You’re sweetly analogous
To rubies and gold
Love goes up in smoke it weakens
When it’s spoken of or told
But I hope the one speaking to us
Is one I can hold on to
I’ll write down all that I feel
As I ride down the road to what your love 

You make me smile
And I mean that
Like a drunk with a lampshade hat