Lookin Out The Window

I was looking out the window
Through the smoke and dust
At an orphan in the shadows
Among the ruin and rust

I was gazing 'cross the meadow
At a eagle on the ground
I could hear the lonely echo
Of her death as she went down

I first heard the lies you'd spoken
Outside the house I'd built
The window glass was broken
I was witness to your guilt

I was categorized a sham
To justify your greed
No matter what I am
I'm only what you need

I sit searching out the window
For something left to save
Sometimes the devil we know
Only leads us to the grave

I was baffled by your laughter
By nature mocked from birth
No regard for what comes after
No respect for what it's worth

I was looking at my reflection
In the dying orphan's face
I saw natural selection
Disappear without a trace

Looks like long hot summer
Is gonna last all winter long
Take a last look out your window