Lifeguard Girl

I fell in love with a lifeguard
She wouldn't get in the pool
She took love far too hard
Afraid to fall or play the fool

She never was in love with me
She'd rather run than swim
Stay on land and you'll never be free
She met a sailor fell in love with him

No one's love is without fault
When pride and passion convene
Demons howl haunted by
The Angels in their dreams

Don't want to sink into her world
But I've already gone too deep
I still love that lifeguard girl
When she shows up wet in my sleep

Lost in the pause between word and deed
I saw is all there was to see
Don't matter what I have or what I think I need
I have no use for what I used to be

Shapes appear when shadows fade
Secrets swim in silhouette
Spirits weaken in the shade
Obsession drowns in regret

I hope someone's there to give me a hand
When I stumble into the waves
Some lifeguards have to stay on land
For a drowning man to be saved