At My Best

At my best
I'm a child
Open sweet and hopeful
At my worst
I am on trial
Indiscreet and willful

At my best
I'm a woman
Open hearted, giving
At my worst
Love is a villain
Life is not worth living

At my best
I'm a man
A compassionate provider
At my worst
I'm a man
Narcissistic and a liar

At my best
I am the wind
Giving what I take
At my best
I am the sun
Lighting the way to what I make

At my least
No one's above me
I'm a beast
With no one to love me
Poor me, pain is my wealth
All I think of is myself

At my worst
I am a slave
To the need to compensate
For shortcomings I don't even have
For weaknesses I cannot state

At my worst
I am an army
Causing men to hate and fear
I build walls all around me
Making sure no one comes near

At my best I'm still child
Beating pots and pans on the floor
Holding an empty bowl, I smile
Who can I ask for more?

As a child I am best
Arms open to play with you
Hold me close to your breast
I will stay with you