Jesus Was Just Jokin'

Jesus was just jokin'
It's clear he was a clown
His gags were thought provokin'
But kinda tough to nail down

The anecdotes he would spout
About love and charity
Are mostly lost on the devout
And the moral majority

It's possible he was thinkin'
As he hung there on the cross
That two thousand years later
The joke would be on us

Jesus was quite the kidder
Apparently it was all in jest
When he suggested to his followers
That they behave their best

That far out advice he gave
About livin' and lettin' be
Was too farfetched for the saved
And the holier than thee

It's possible he was dreamin'
As he hung there in his sorrow and his pain
Of a kingdom of love without condition
Built upon his name

So when you're in the mood for a joke
When life has got you down
Dig the comedy of Jesus spoken
By an evangelical clown

The ones who want to ostracize
Condemn to eternal damnation
Judge and shun and demonize
Overthrow our sovereign nation

It's possible he was hopin'
As he gasped his last breath
We'd live side by side in peace
To honor his death

Governing this country of men and laws
By belief in the good book's fables
Is surely something Jesus never foresaw
As he broke bread at that Last Supper table

None of us will ever know
The mess his apostles made
Of the truths he spoke or the punch lines of his jokes
All we know for sure is the price he paid

It's possible he was weighin'
As his cross he did bear
Which holds the most sway
The joke or the prayer

So why did Jesus cross the road
Why'd he take that final ride?
Because he thought we all should know
It's all love on the other side.

Oh, that Jesus was just joker
Clearly quite the clown
His gags were thought provokin'
But kinda tough to nail down