The beauty and respect which James brings to the practice of Yoga is a natural emanation of his creative nature. As an inspired, successful playwright and actor he adds a dimension and depth of feeling to his classes that encourages his students to look beneath the surface. We love him for his ease, his spark, his poetry of soul and wisdom beyond his years shared in wry humor that makes it all worth the price of admission. We know you will too.

- Tracey Rich and Ganga White

My Yoga Story

Or, What I Did, Have Done and Am Doing On My Yoga Vacation

I started flirting with yoga while I was in high school. The attraction was purely physical. I would take a copy of The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda into my room, lock the door, and practice as many of the postures as I could. I skimmed the parts about philosophy, diet, astral bodies, etc. but it was the physical postures that intrigued me most. I wanted to beat old age - the book promised it would help me do that - and thirty wasn't that far off.

Teaching Yoga

I earned my teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation, studying under Ganga White and Tracey Rich, and am registered with the Yoga Alliance. Continued practice with teachers including Aadil Palkhivala, Lisa Walford, Frank White, Harry Mastrogeorge and many, many others - including my students - have further influenced my approach to teaching.