Teaching Yoga

I earned my teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation, studying under Ganga White and Tracey Rich, and am registered with the Yoga Alliance. Continued practice with teachers including Aadil Palkhivala, Lisa Walford, Frank White, Harry Mastrogeorge and many, many others - including my students - have further influenced my approach to teaching.

My goal is to demystify the process of exploring yoga postures and safely assist those who join me as they discover and celebrate the uniqueness of their bodies and their yoga practice. I teach an eclectic and energetic practice with an enthusiastic regard for the evolutionary art and infinite possibilities of Hatha yoga. I was on the teaching staff at the Center for Yoga for nearly 10 years in Los Angeles - founded by Ganga White in 1967 - and I've assisted Tracey and Ganga in their teacher training at White Lotus. We even team up for weekend retreats from time to time.

I feel the best way to deepen our understanding of something we are passionate about is to teach it to someone. Sharing the spark that ignites our inner flame - our joys and devotions - makes it burn hotter, brighter and draws the light closer to the surface. It's the highest form of learning: to step back into the circle with an offering, even a flicker of what we've acquired from the radiants who have inspired us, a ray of sunlight or a lightening bolt drawn from the cloud of mystique that hovers above us all. St. Francis said where there are shadows, we should bring light. Of course he's right, but I think the shadows can show us a lot, too.